Trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny features Harrison Ford at Bamburgh Castle

Fans of the Indiana Jones franchise were shocked to catch a glimpse of actor, Harrison Ford, while filming took place in the region last year. Credit: Lucasfilm/ PA

Months after actor Harrison Ford caused a stir when he was spotted filming in the North East a trailer for the latest Indiana Jones has been released - featuring one of the region's well-known beauty spots.

The fifth instalment of the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is set to be released on 30 June.

The teaser trailer features impressive shots of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, where filming took place last year.

With the help of Hollywood special effects and CGI, the castle can be seen engulfed in flames about 20 seconds into the clip.

At the time, fire services in Northumberland warned the public not to be alarmed by smoke coming from the heritage site.

  • Filming at Bamburgh Castle.

Fans of the Indiana Jones franchise were shocked to catch a glimpse of Ford while filming took place in the region.

He was also spotted walking along the Newcastle Quayside as well at a restaurant on the Fish Quay in North Shields.

Both Bamburgh Castle and along the North Yorkshire Moors Railway were used as film sets for the upcoming movie.

Harrison Ford was seen on the Newcastle Quayside during filming last year. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees News

Indiana Jones super fan Chris Allan, from Newcastle, helps runs an international podcast called The Indy Cast.

He said: "We knew it was going to be a bit on an explosive scene and it looks like that in trailer.

“It looks as if there’s been some CGI added to the castle so some additions that have been added.

“You can see that tower where the pirotechniques were going off. It looks the part, it looks a 1940s flashback sort of back to WW2."

He added: "I’m guessing Bamburgh Castle is at the beginning of this film, with a bit of a flashback. It looks like they’ve maybe deep faked him into being younger like in previous movies."

  • Props arriving in Bamburgh.

Locals saw props and set slowly arriving into the Bamburgh during that time, including WW2 replica motorbikes and side cars.

Mr Allan found out that Bamburgh Castle was being used a a location after a fellow fan had posted a picture on social media.

He said: "I thought 'I recognise that castle'. I used to go there as a kid and camp there. It's very familiar to me. I thought that can't be right and started investigating.

"I found out about the North Yorkshire filming and then a couple of days after that, they [film crews] came to the castle."

The podcaster hopes there might be some sort of memorial put up to commemorate the filming that took place in Bamburgh.

He added: “It's great to think ‘well I stood there, I stood in front of there and got photos just before they closed the castle down’, and definitely once the films out I will be going back to Bamburgh.

“You just hope they put some sort of either visitor plaque or they might include it in their tour of the castle now.”

Credit: Christopher Allan

Mr Allan spoke to ITV Tyne Tees last year after visiting the castle before it was locked down for filming to catch a glimpse of the set and props as it was being built.

He said his love of the franchise began when he was a kid after watching it on repeat.

Mr Allan said: "It was Temple of Doom, which was the second film of the series, and it was on VHS.

"We just wore that tape out and watched it again and again. I suppose that's the beginnings of Indy fandom for me."

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