Hundreds gather for funeral of boy, 14, who died after suspected stabbing in Newcastle

Friends carried four large flags depicting Gordon. Credit: NCJM

Hundreds of people turned out to say goodbye to a 14-year-old boy who lost his life following a suspected stabbing.

Gordon Gault died in hospital six days after he was allegedly attacked with a knife in Elswick, Newcastle.

Police say he was found on 9 November with injuries consistent with having been caused by a bladed article.

On Thursday 22 December, crowds gathered at the West Road Crematorium and Cemetery in the city for the teenager's funeral service. A large group of family and friends walked in front of his coffin as it arrived just before 11am.

They walked with two bulldogs and carried four large flags which contained pictures of Gordon. They were followed by Gordon's black and pink coffin, which had his name etched in green across the side.

The procession was led by two bulldogs. Credit: NCJM

His coffin was carried in a white carriage which was pulled by four white horses. Large floral tributes which said 'Gordon' and 'Brother' lay on top of the carriage. His loved ones followed behind in three black limos.

The song My G by Aitch featuring Ed Sheeran was played as Gordon's coffin was carried into the chapel and a large picture of him was placed at the front.

A large number of those who turned up to pay their respects were unable to get inside of the chapel as it was full. Many stood outside and listened to the service over the speaker.

Humanist celebrant Tracy Heron, who led the service, opened by telling mourners that Gordon was taken away too soon in a "mindless act".

She said: "We have to remember the happy times. His family and friends all meant the world to him."

Those who loved Gordon were told how he was "full of life" and never stopped. She said: "He was always doing something. He could never sit still.

Ms Heron said he was "mischievous and cheeky" and acted older than his age. She said "He made loads of friends. He made an impression on them all. He was a real character."

She told mourners that Gordon had gone through some tough times during his early school years, which included losing his dad. However, she said that he was "surrounded by love" from family and friends.

Gordon's black and pink coffin had his name etched in green across the side. Credit: NCJM

Ms Heron said: "Gordon's dad sadly passed away. It was unexpected so it was a huge shock."

She went on to say: "He was very much like his dad, he had a similar sense of humour. He liked to have a laugh and he liked to make his friends laugh."

Ms Heron told those who attended that Gordon liked music and stopped to play the song Me and My Brother by 5ive.

After the song, she said: "Gordon had loads of mates who are here today. His mates were like brothers. Anyone would do anything for Gordon as he was loved so much, everyone loved him."

The service heard how Gordon's family had moved from Elswick to Benwell and he was not happy about it. Ms Heron said: "He couldn't stay away from Elswick, as I said earlier, that's where his heart was."

She said that Gordon was enjoying his life with his family and friends when he passed away. Ms Heron told the service that there was "so much courage" on the night of the attack.

She said: "One mindless act has ended a young lad's life and affected so many others. He fought for six days where he was never, ever alone. His family and friends were there all the time.

"Gordon had a heart full of love for you all and he was surrounded by your love right until the very end. That love shows here today.

"That love will never go away. He will be forever loved. He will be forever remembered in your memories. Memories will keep Gordon alive in your hearts forever."

His coffin was carried in a white carriage which was pulled by four white horses. Credit: NCJM

She paused the service for a quiet moment of reflection so people could think about happy times with Gordon. She said: "He was enjoying every moment and he was never, ever alone - surrounded by so many good friends."

Rihanna's song Lift Me Up was played as Gordon's coffin left the chapel. Mourners then followed the horse and carriage to the graveside where Gordon was buried.

A number of floral tributes were left at the grave side for the teenager. One said: "Gordon we will never get over losing you the way we did. Hope your dad has you back in his loving arms."

Another tribute said: "Hope you get the best bed in heaven. Why did it have to be you our GG. We love and miss you forever."

A third tribute read: " A third read: "My little bro never thought this day would come miss you so much".

A tribute was also left by Gordon's school Trinity Academy Newcastle. It said: "RIP Gordon from all the staff and learners at Trinity Academy Newcastle".

Northumbria Police is still investigating Gordon's death. Fourteen suspects have been arrested and remain on police bail.