Mum of Gordon Gault shares harrowing images of son's final days as she makes plea for justice

Dionne Barrett's son Gordon Gault died in hospital six days after he was allegedly attacked with a knife in Elswick, Newcastle last November. Credit: Family photo

The mother of a 14-year-old boy who was killed in a suspected stabbing in Newcastle has shared harrowing images of her son's final days in hospital in a bid to bring his killer to justice.

Dionne Barrett's son Gordon Gault died six days after he was allegedly attacked with a knife in Elswick last November.

Ms Barrett said she wanted people to see the pictures, which she has shared on social media, so they can see the consequences of knife crime.

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She said: "It still doesn't feel real at all. It still feels like he's still here.

"It's like he's driving me and driving to get up in the morning and fighting for what's right. We just need justice for Gordon."

Gordon, 14, was described by his sister Jessica as 'the funniest person in the world'. Credit: Family photo

Ms Barrett added: "When Gordon was in hospital, I took the photos. At first it was if Gordon survived because we still had hope. I took those photos to say this is what you were like in hospital.

"On the other side, it was so if he doesn't come around we can use these to show people about knife crime and let people look at the damage it does."

Dionne Barrett said she wants people to see pictures of Gordon so they can see the consequences of knife crime. Credit: Family photo

Gordon left his home in Benwell at 5pm on the afternoon of 9 November and went out on his bike.

Half an hour later he was stabbed with a knife cutting a major artery in his arm.

His family sat at his bedside for six days while doctors tried to save him but he died on 15 November.

Ms Barrett said: "We were told there was more they could do and they were going to take his tubes out.

"They brought another bed in and I was able to get in and cuddle him while they took the tubes out. I could squeeze him until until he passed. He was never alone.

"He could have died in the street that night but he didn't he fought and he fought for six days and I think that's what's given me the urge to fight for justice for him."

On social media Ms Barrett shared photographs of her sons last days in hospital while urging anyone with information to "do the right thing".

Gordon died after being stabbed in Elswick in November. Credit: Family photo

Police are continuing to investigate the incident, and officers have so far arrested and bailed 14 teenagers aged between 15 and 18.

Three were questioned on suspicion of wounding  with intent to commit grievous bodily harm and the others held on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

There have been no charges.

In a message to others, Ms Barrett added: "Don't pick up a knife. It could have been any kid that night.

"We just need people to come forward. We just need answers and I won't stop fighting. We need them off the streets and we need justice."

Sister Jessica Barrett added: "This is our reality. I don't want to dream that on any other family ever.

"Gordon doesn't have a voice. We're his voice and we need justice for him."

The loss of the 14-year-old has left a big hole in the family.

Ms Barrett said: "Gordon was always an entertainer. He was always happy. He was never, ever sad. He always wanted to make people laugh. He always wanted to be the centre of attention. He was always the loudest person.

"You couldn't tell him off because you just wanted to laugh. He wasn't just my son, he was my best friend."

Jessica added: "He was the funniest person I've ever met in my life. He would try and act the hard man but he was so loving."

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