Sunderland man pledges to walk ten miles every day for 1000 days in aid of Cancer Research UK

A Sunderland man has pledged to walk ten miles every day for 1000 days.

David Ansell - a Pride of Britain finalist - will be taking on the challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

He said: "In March 2020, I found out my dad had stage four lung cancer. Which was during the Covid period and it was hard to go see him.

"So I wanted to do something to raise money. Also for one of my work colleagues Dean Ashworth who had been suffering from cancer for around a year and a half."

During his father's illness in 2020, Mr Ansell walked half a marathon every day for a year. He walked almost 5000 miles and raised thousands for charity.

Mr Ansell said: "When I was doing that challenge, my dad passed away and Dean passed away as well, in the first month that I started it.

"That pushed me, and I know I have them both on my shoulders pushing him on.

Nicky McKenna from Cancer Research UK said: "We want to see three out of four people surviving cancer by 2034.

"With the support of people like Dave that is a real possibility. I know that £18,000 was raised in the last couple of years which is phenomenal.

"He is going to be walking for 1000 days. So I'm sure, during that time, with the support of everybody, we can make sure that we get those all important lifesaving funds."

Mr Ansell's current daily walk is from Fenham Barracks to South Tyneside. He then gets he bus the last few miles home to Sunderland.

He said: "My motivation is knowing that I have to get to work so I can get the daily work done.

"But obviously, my dad and Deano push me and I know that I am raising money for everyone who is suffering from cancer and those in recovery."