Missing York tabby cat reunited with owners after 10 years

Shadow the tabby cat was identified by Student Veterinary Nurse, Philippa, after being taken into a vets in York. Credit: Vets4Pets York

A cat who went missing 10 years ago has been reunited with its owner.

Shadow was identified by student veterinary nurse, Philippa, after being taken into a vets in York as a stray.

After some detective work, the tabby cat's name and address was found on her microchip, alongside a contact number for owner.

Shadow, who was presumed dead after her decade-long disappearance, was then reunited with her "delighted family".

On Facebook, her owner said: "Thank you vets4pets and your amazing team, thank you Philippa for bringing our girl home.

"She is just the same personality wise but looks a bit older but we must look older to her too. She is slowly being reintroduced to her beloved brothers and is doing really well.

They added: "All she wants is loves and well lots of food haha. Thank you again so much, 10 years was a long time for answers but we got the outcome most pet owners dream about and we are very lucky.

"Just shows that getting a microchip works, it's a small expense for a great outcome. Will keep you updated on her journey to ruling her brothers and making sure this time she stays indoors and doesn't be her sneaky self and escape."