Calls for a public inquiry into the failings at region's biggest mental health trust

The report was sparked by the deaths of Christie Harnett, Nadia Sharif and Emily Moore at trust hospitals.

Around two million people are in the catchment for the trust, which was criticised by an independent health body for an environment of chaos, where patients were often unsafe, allowed to self harm and parents and carers were bullied.

Jean Zaremba's daughter Zoe also died while under the care of the trust, taking her own life in 2020, after being wrongly diagnosed with a personality disorder, and discharged from hospital with no clear follow up plan.

Zoe Zaremba also died while under the care of the trust, taking her own life after being discharged with no clear follow up plan. Credit: Family Photo

At home in Bedale, North Yorkshire, Jean said she welcomes the independent report but believes a much wider inquiry into mental health services is needed.

She said: "Too many people are dying. Too many people are now dead who should still be alive and it's because of the lack of care. I mean it's horrifying to think that your child goes into hospital and ends up worse than they were.

"It's not just this trust, personally I think mental health services aren't fit for purpose.

"I believe and have been told that in other parts of the country people have been treated the same.

"If they did a carte blanche statutory public inquiry for mental health services, then hopefully improvements will happen."

Today the chief executive of the trust said "The contents of the report published yesterday are devastating to the loved ones of Christie, Nadia and Emily, and to the individuals, families and friends of those in our care at West Lane Hospital at that time, for which I offer my heartfelt apologies.

"I don't underestimate the impact this publication will have had on all those reading it, and I'm deeply sorry. Those things simply shouldn't have happened."

Jean Zaremba lives in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's constituency, she's urging him to support calls for an inquiry, and he has responded by asking the health secretary for an update.  

She says she'll continue to fight to change the system that let Zoe down.

"She's at peace now and I can accept that but she should never have died. What they did to her, they literally drove her to her death."