Gladiators and charioteers: The world of Roman sports comes to Tyneside

Credit: Segedunum Roman Fort

A new exhibition exploring popular Roman spectator sports comes to Tyneside.

'To the Roar of the Crowd' opens at Segedunum Roman Fort in Wallsend and looks at the well-known aspects of Roman civilisation, such as gladiator fights and chariot-racing.

The exhibition looks at all the roles involved in spectator sports - from those who organised the event, to the participants in the spectacle like gladiators, wild animals and criminals. 

Geoff Woodward, Museum Manager, said: “Blockbuster films, TV series and fiction have brought images and stories of gladiators and chariot racing to life for us. 

"This exhibition explores the reality of what took place in the arenas and circuses around the Roman Empire.  The combination of numerous contemporary depictions of the games with exciting new graphics promises to be an absorbing visitor experience.” 

Alex Croom, Keeper of Archaeology, said:  “This exhibition has given us an amazing opportunity to display an unparalleled selection of oil lamps depicting a wide range of different scenes from the world of the gladiator and charioteer. 

"They really bring home just how popular the fights and races were to the Romans.” 

The exhibition runs from Saturday 8 April - Sunday 29 October 2023.

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