Newcastle cat owners in shock after pet eats eleven hair bobbles and undergoes emergency surgery

12.04.23 Nero Cat Bobbles Credit: NCJ Media
The owners of two-year-old pet cat Nero said it was a "shock" that he ate eleven hair bobbles from their bedside table. Credit: NCJ Media

An emergency vet procedure has saved a cat's life after it swallowed eleven elastic hair bobbles.

The two-year-old cat called Nero used one of its nine lives after secretly stealing hair ties from its Newcastle owner's bedside table.

Amy Richards, 29, and her partner Jamie Lamb, 28, of Heaton, have owned Nero since he was an eight-week-old kitten.

Ms Richards said: "He is naughty and very curious, but it seems ridiculous that a cat would eat 11 hair ties. It was a shock."

Ms Richards did not know where her hair bands bands were mysteriously disappearing to but the cat was let out the bag when Nero vomited a bobble and then continued to be sick.

The worried owners whisked him off to Westway Vets' 24-hour hospital when a second bobble was thrown up.

Westway Vets said: "We have removed all sorts of things like socks, toys and even a rubber duck from dogs, but this is unusual with a cat." Credit: NCJ Media

An ultrasound scan revealed more hair ties all gathered in a clump inside Nero's stomach.

The elastic bands needed to be urgently removed in case they caused a potentially life-threatening obstruction.

Nero was anaesthetised while the vet team pulled out the remaining hair ties from his stomach.

During the 90-minute procedure, a tiny camera passed down into the pet's stomach and the endoscope was manoeuvred so the grabber device could get a hold of a further nine hair bobbles.

Vet Lucy Carr, said: "Hair ties are a common hazard but for a cat to eat so many is certainly out of the ordinary and really extreme."

Nero's owner said she appreciates the vet's help and that all her bobbles are now locked away in a drawer. Credit: NCJ Media

She added: "We couldn’t quite believe that he had swallowed so many hair ties in total, but they just kept coming out.

"At Westway Vets, we have removed all sorts of things like socks, toys and even a rubber duck from dogs, but this is unusual with a cat.

"He has been very lucky because they could have caused an obstruction which could have been life-threatening.

"We had a 50-50 decision to make after the scan showed them all in a clump. The endoscope is minimally invasive and meant Nero was able to go home the same day and was absolutely fine."

Ms Richards said: "I really appreciate what they did for him and all hair ties are now locked away in a drawer out of his reach!"

Nero has since made a full recovery.

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