Newcastle Council shows off newly arrived ducklings as they splash about at civic centre

Council workers are welcoming the arrival of ducklings at the civic centre. Credit: Newcastle City Council/Youtube

Almost a dozen ducklings have been making a splash after their arrival outside a civic centre.

The baby birds were born outside Newcastle Civic Centre and are living in the pond at the council building.

So far, there are at least 11 ducklings, which have been warmly welcomed by council workers and members of the public.

Workers at the local authority have named the adult ducks Jemima (Puddleduck), Duckcilla, and Huey, Dewy and Louie.

Paul Walker, service manager for civic facilities at Newcastle City Council, said: "It's the first time we've had them in a couple of years so everyone is very excited about them."

He added the ducklings were being constantly monitored because in previous years other youngsters have been attacked by seagulls.

Hazel Bell, from Urban Green Newcastle, said: "When they're under 60 days they really rely on their mam quite a bit. She's not only their source of food and how to be a duck but to keep them warm. Little ducklings don't do too well when they're cold and wet."

Members of the public can feed the ducks peas, lettuce and seeds - but are asked to avoid bread as it can cause defects. Credit: Newcastle City Council/Youtube

People are asked not to feed the ducks bread.

Ms Bell added: "Members of the public can feed them seed, we can give them peas, broken bits of lettuce and even little bits of corn or maize.

"We want to keep away from bread. Bread is not of nutritional value for your ducks or ducklings. If you do feed bread, what they'll end up having is a lot of defects as they get older."

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