Wife of Middlesbrough man Kevin Cornwell held by Taliban planning to go to Afghanistan

Credit ITV This Morning/. PA
Kelly Cornwell is making an appeal to the International Emergency Agency (IEA) for an invitation to Afghanistan. Credit: ITV This Morning/ PA

The wife of a British man being held captive by the Taliban is considering travelling to Afghanistan as she is worried about his health.

Kevin Cornwell, 53, from Middlesbrough, has been held by the Taliban since 11 January when Taliban secret police officer claim they found an illegal hand gun in his hotel room.

Now his wife Kelly is considering travelling to the country as she believes his life is at risk after Mr Cornwell missed a planned kidney operation in February.

Ms Cornwell, who last heard from her husband four weeks ago, discovered he had been taken to hospital where it was found he had two kidney stones, one of which is travelling towards his bladder.

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain Ms Cornwell said "I've got no control over this situation, I will never have any control over this situation. I've come to terms with the possibilities of what could happen and if it's just one last time to see him...."

Ms Cornwell, who has been married to her husband for 22 years, then stopped as she appeared visibly upset and trying to stop herself from crying.

She is making an appeal to the International Emergency Agency (IEA) for an invitation to Afghanistan.

Ms Cornwell said: "I would prefer an invitation out there to protect me and my safety.

"It's a risk I'm willing to make."

Ms Cornwell, who shares seven children with her husband added: "He's very resilient, he really is and he's got a very strong mind.

"I trust that he can sort his side out, and I hope he can trust that I'm dealing with things here."

The charity medic, who has been being assisted by non-profit organisation Presidium, is used to working in hostile environments, having previously worked in Iraq.

It is unclear whether Mr Cornwell will face going to trial.

His wife said: "He thought he was protected by his UN badge. If he thought he was at risk, he wouldn't have gone."

When asked if she would be happy if her husband returned to his job in the future she responded: "It would not be my decision, but I would not be very happy about it, but it's not my decision to make, that would be his decision."

The FDCO says: "We have spoken to the three British nationals detained in Afghanistan and are supporting families.

It added: "We continue to raise their cases with the Taliban."

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