County Durham five-year-old praised for quick thinking after calling 999 to save mum

James has been given an award for his quick thinking after calling 999 when his mum's lips turned blue. Credit: NEAS

A five-year-old boy from County Durham has been praised for springing into action and calling 999 when his mum's lips turned blue.

James Eggo, from County Durham, called an ambulance for his mum Kirsty Foster when she was ill just a few days before Christmas in 2022.

Ms Foster was suffering with a severe chest infection and had told James to phone 999 if "mammy fell over".

When James noticed her colour changing, he sprang into action and called 999.

Ms Foster said: "He told me my tongue and lips were turning blue, but I couldn't speak to guide him through what to do."

When James called 999, health advisor Andrew Broadbent answered the call and helped guide the child through a series of questions to find out what happened.

Mr Broadbent said: "When I answered the call from James, I heard this soft, sweet little voice. But he was so calm.

"He answered all of my questions and understood what he needed to do when I asked if he could go to his next door neighbour for an adult.

"Some young children wouldn't have the intuition to do that. He did a fantastic job."

Ms Foster, who was treated at home by paramedics, added: “James did so well. He brought me a glass of water and said ‘it’s going to be ok mam. They won’t be long’.”

James was presented with a certificate for his quick-thinking actions this week by the North East Ambulance Service (NEAS).

James' dad Richard, who was at work at the time, said: "James got an extra present from Santa for what he did that day."

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