Dial of Destiny: Newcastle podcaster behind The Indy Cast invited to Indiana Jones premiere

Chris Allan at one of the filming locations at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland. Credit: Chris Allan

An Indiana Jones super fan has been invited to the Dial of Destiny premiere after tracking the film's progress over the last two years.

Chris Allan, from Newcastle, helps runs an international podcast called The Indy Cast.

Mr Allan has been invited to the premiere tonight in Leicester Square, London (26 June).

"It feels nice to be invited," he said. "It feels full circle, after following the filming so closely. It feels like the end of a two-year journey."

The film franchise, starring Harrison Ford as American archaeologist Indiana Jones, has been filmed in parts of the region, including in Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

Mr Allan has followed the filming, from going to locations set in Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, onto the Scottish Borders near Melrose, and also in Scotland.

Chris went to Glasgow in July 2021 to watch the filming of the Indiana Jones street chase with one of the horses. Credit: Chris Allan

Mr Allan said: "It is a dream come true for parts of the filming being done in the North East.

"I've watched the films growing up, and Hollywood blockbusters were either filmed in America or in London. They never ventured into the North.

"The film encompasses real world places, and now it has a connection to the North East."

  • Props arriving in Bamburgh.

People living nearby saw props and set slowly arriving into the Bamburgh during that time, including WWII replica motorbikes and side cars.

Mr Allan found out that Bamburgh Castle was being used a a location after a fellow fan had posted a picture on social media.

  • Filming at Bamburgh Castle.

Footage taken from a night shoot of the new Indiana Jones film shows a dramatic fire staged at a historic coastal castle.

Speaking about his love for the franchise, Mr Allan said it has also inspired him in his travels.

He added: "I enjoy following his footsteps, and it has inspired me to travel.

"It's given me a great sense for travel."

Chris with the Indiana Jones statue during his travels in San Francisco in 2017.

The fifth instalment of the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is set to be released on 30 June.

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