Dozens of baby hedgehogs flushed out of nests in downpours

One of the rescue babies at Hope for Hedgehogs, which has been inundated in the last two weeks due to animals being washed out of their nests. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Dozens of baby hedgehogs have been washed out of their nests by heavy rain.

Sandra Lowe, from Hope for Hedgehogs, said the rescue centre in Gateshead had been inundated with around 40 of the hoglets in the last two weeks as a result of the bad weather.

Encouraging people to bring in the babies if they spotted them, she said: "Sadly these poor guys have been flushed out of their nests. They're very frightened, very cold, hungry, disorientated and they need to be picked up.

  • Watch this hoglet receive veterinary treatment at Hope for Hedgehogs

"Please don't leave a hedgehogs this size, they're too small and they're not going to survive."

She said it was unusual to have so many rescues at this time of the year, adding: "If we get heavy downpours we expect a few to be displaced but I think it's the consistency of these downpours.

"We've never had this many babies in October. We reckon it's been about 40 in the last two weeks, that's not including adults. They're just too small to survive."

'Pumpkins are poisonous...fireworks are stressful'

It is a difficult time for hedgehogs, with other challenges facing the small mammals.

People are being warned not to leave out pumpkins for hedgehogs as they can make the creatures seriously ill.

It is a tough time of year for hedgehogs due to bonfires, fireworks and pumpkins - which can be poisonous to the animals. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

It can give them upset stomachs, leading to dehydration which can be fatal. If they survive, an illness can threaten their chance of surviving winter hibernation, according to the Woodland Trust.

Fireworks can also cause stress, while hedgehogs can be put at risk of harm if they seek shelter in bonfires.

Ms Lowe said: "Pumpkins are poisonous. Please don't leave them at ground level.

"Fireworks are a nightmare. It's not just that hedgehogs go into the piles of wood but it's the noise on the night. We do have a lot of problems.

"Historically we get a lot of hedgehogs with stress problems after bonfire night."

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