Andrew Cushin to celebrate the 'headline show' of his life at Newcastle City Hall

Newcastle singer-songwriter, Andrew Cushin, is headlining what he calls "the headline show" of his life, when he performs in front of a sell out crowd at Newcastle City Hall on Saturday 4 November.

Mr Cushin, from Heaton, released his debut single in 2020 and has previously supported Louis Tomlinson, as well as working with Noel Gallagher.

He first signed with Pete Doherty's label Strap Originals in 2021.

Performing in front of 2,000 fans at the City Hall is a dream come true for the musician.

He told ITV News Tyne Tees: "It’s beautiful man. This (Newcastle) is the city that has completely shaped who I am today and these were my first ever gigs around the city and around social clubs. So now that it’s got to a point where we are selling out at an iconic special venue like this, City Hall, it’s beautiful. I’m so grateful to everyone that’s going to be in attendance tonight. I can’t wait to perform for them all."

Andrew Cushin playing the guitar Credit: ITV News

He said he cannot wait to see the faces of friends and family in the audience, but is grateful to those fans who have travelled from further afield to support him too.

He added: "I’m so new to this whole experience. We’ve got people who have flown out from America, from different parts of Europe and they’re all here today in Newcastle to come and see this show… and people can come and celebrate the headline show of my life in the best city in the world."

Back from touring in the US, Mr Cushin said he hasn't had time to reflect on his achievements over the past three years, but that it is something he wants to do whilst back in the North East.

He said: "We’ve been on such a mad journey, particularly this year, and there’s been a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments, like some of the venues that we’ve played, going to America for the first time, the crew getting bigger, my first tour bus on this tour. Everything has took a bit of a step up and I do think I’m ready for the step up and I think everyone has performed amazingly, but it is also a time where I need to take a step back and look and just see how much I’ve achieved, because it’s easy to get in a run of getting in from a gig and then you’re back on the tour bus again."

Andrew Cushin Credit: ITV News

Gaining experience on the road has been vital to Andrew Cushin's development as a performer and he said he is taking as many tips as possible from a number of world famous singers and musicians.

He said: "Supporting people like Noel Gallagher and Louis Tomlinson and Paul Weller, they’re all people that I massively, massively respect and totally appreciate everything that they’re doing in music, so I’m trying to learn different ways of how each one performs,   trying to pick up little song writing tips, all that stuff has helped us massively and, again, I’m so grateful to all of the people that we’ve supported over the last three years. It’s definitely shaped me into the artist I’ve become or want to become, you know."

Looking ahead, the singer said there is more excitement to come, but continuing his development is the ultimate goal.

He teased: "We’ve got big news coming in a few days, can’t wait to announce that. We’ve got a couple of big tours that we’re ready to announce. I’ll be going to do the second record and just keep on trying to build man. I’m enjoying this so much and I’m so comfortable with the whole team and I’m loving what I’m doing, so I just want to keep on doing that and keep on getting better and better and hopefully bigger venues again and keep on building on this amazing momentum that we’ve built up."