Glenn McCrory opens up about the court case that cost him almost everything - including his life

Boxing legend Glenn McCrory opened up to Gregg Easteal about hitting 'rock bottom' after being cleared of sexual assault charges

Former world boxing champion and broadcaster Glenn McCrory has told ITV News how a court case last year cost him almost everything including his life.

Originally from Stanley, he won the cruiserweight title in 1989 before going on to become one of the boxing's most respected broadcasters for 20 years.

But his life took a hit more painful than any boxing bout when he was accused of sexual assault after waitress staff complained he had called them "pet" and "darling", and touched the elbow of one of them while asking where his food was.

The circumstances made headlines and raised eyebrows.

Glenn McCrory was cleared of all charges last year. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Glenn, 59, was quickly cleared of all charges by a jury last year but on Thursday 14 March explained just how much winning that fight had cost him.

"I was rock bottom," he told ITV Tyne Tees "I lost everything.

"Work dried up completely over the last two years with the phone not ringing.

"And then with such an awful stigma hanging over your head, I wouldn't go out of the house. I was going for walks at like four in the morning."

Glenn admits that he considered taking his own life due to the toll it was taking on him mentally.

Glenn McCrory was a world champion boxer during his career. Credit: PA

"I wouldn't even want to try and explain how bad it is," he said. "So many people get there and it's a horrible place when you try to take your own life.

"And I was past that point. I'm still getting treatment and it is a day-to-day fight just keep yourself in the right mood and to keep yourself feeling good.

"You go for walks and remind yourself that your family loves you and that sort of stuff.

"I really feel for people who are in that sort of predicament where they've lost everything. They haven't got a home. They haven't got friends.

"I mean, I've got good people and support and good people around me but it doesn't matter when you are that low. You don't you don't ask, you don't tell people.

"You just wallow in the sadness, the darkness and that's a horrible place."

He now hopes to help others by taking part in a sleepout for homelessness. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

He now hopes to use his experience to try and help others who have lost everything, taking part in a charity sleepout at St James' Park next week to raise awareness for homelessness.

Glenn faced losing his home himself but was able to stay thanks to the kindness of his landlord.

"Yeah it is," he said when asked if it was now a subject close to his heart. "That's why I thought I had to do this and I had to speak about it and let people know.

"People just automatically think that if you've been on TV or you've had some success in your life, that you're okay and everything's great but that's not the case.

"There are a lot of people that have done lots of great things and had great jobs that are really struggling."

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