South Shields mum goes viral on TikTok after dancing on stage with Ne-Yo at Newcastle concert

The videos went viral over night and Ms Collins said she woke up to "hundreds" of messages from family and friends. Credit: Handout

A mum from South Shields has became a social media sensation after her dance moves landed her the opportunity to get on stage with Am erican superstarNe-Yo.

Leesa Collins from Simonside went to the concert at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle on Monday 11 March.

The 47-year-old was spotted by members of the management team by dancing on the stairs near her seat and grabbing the attention of others with her moves.

Leesa said she was told Ne-Yo tends to get people on stage during his performance.

Ms Collins said: "I thought I am on there [the stage] do or die. I manifested the life out of it."

What happened next, Leesa said, was something she never could have imagined.

Leesa went with her friend Demi-Lea. Credit: Handout

Ms Collins was invited up on stage with other lucky members of the audience for a dancing competition.

She said: "We all went down to the stage and they said don't touch his hat.

"I know it's just a thing you never touch Ne-Yo's hat it's just one thing you never do.

"I was so excited, the adrenaline was just amazing.

"I just thought I will never in my life get to do this again, I'm never going to see the guy or any of these people again and I just went for it."

Videos on social media show the crowds cheering for Ms Collins as she danced.

  • Video credit: @stacey_lou_89

The videos went viral overnight and Ms Collins said she woke up to "hundreds" of messages from family and friends.

Some of the videos of Ms Collins dancing on TikTok now have over 14 thousand likes.

She said: "My friends were ringing us saying Leesa you're all over the internet.

"I was like what is going on? This is nuts."

She said her overnight fame has since landed her a free curry from her local indian restaurant as well starring in a promotional video for her local tanning shop.

She added: " I feel a bit bad because no ones talking about Ne-Yo everyone's talking about me.

"When I'm touring next year, I'll let him have a ticket and he can come and join me on stage."

Leesa got a tattoo on her arm to remember her experience. Credit: Handout

Since her internet success, Ms Collins has had a tattoo done to remember her on-stage experience.

She said: "If I'm making people laugh and people smile that's all I care about. If I've made someone's day that all I care about. People are saying I'm a legend, I'm an icon, but I'm not any of that - I'm a mum and a granny."

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