Wallsend man trying to break Guinness World Record for longest triathlon

Ian Lambert is trying to run, cycle and swim 5,940 miles to break the world record for the longest triathlon. Credit: Highlights PR

A man is trying to break the world record for the longest triathlon.

Ian Lambert, from Wallsend, in North Tyneside, is attempting to run, cycle and swim 5,940 miles to earn himself a Guinness World Record and to raise money for Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

The 39-year-old businessman, who is a trustee for the charity, is hoping to support its work with young people who are battling cancer.

He told ITV Tyne Tees: "I love to challenge myself. I'm always curious as to how far I can push myself. I've done a Guinness World Record in the past and I've done other challenges so I thought I'd try something a little bit bigger again.

"The main reason is to raise awareness and raise money for the Dragonfly Cancer Trust."

Mr Lambert, who runs multiple businesses, including a construction company, interior design firm, and maintenance company, initially set out to cover 4,800 miles. However, after finding out the existing record had been beaten, he raised the bar and is now aiming to run, cycle and swim a mammoth 5,940 miles.

The triathlon consists of approximately 1,155 miles of running, 4,610 miles of cycling, and over 175 miles of swimming.

He started on his journey on 1 February, with the running segment now underway and averages between 16 and 26 miles each day.

The challenge involves 4,610 miles of cycling. Credit: Highlights PR

Monitoring his progress meticulously, he ensures that each mile is logged and documented, adhering to Guinness World Records guidelines.

Mr Lambert, who previously held the Guinness World Record for the longest single-event triathlon, is hoping to raise £15,000 for the Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

He said: "I’ve seen at first hand the good work they do to help families create positive memories despite the uncertain future.

"This is my longest and toughest challenge yet, and probably ever but it's all for a worthy cause, and I'm determined to push my limits for the Dragonfly Cancer Trust."

The Newcastle-based charity helps families, hospitals and hospices across the UK, providing financial assistance and emotional support to young people with cancer.

Chief executive Jane Dennison said: "We are very grateful for Ian’s fundraising task. The funds will be used to work with families, hospitals, and hospices across the UK, supporting young people with terminal cancer."

The current world record is held by Luigi Castelli, from Singapore, whose triathlon covered 5,937.2 miles and was carried out between June and November 2023.

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