Ducklings stop rush hour traffic as they cross A19 near Tyne Tunnel

@TT2Limited released a video of workers trying to catch the ducks and make sure they got to safety

Rush hour traffic came to a stop for a family of ducks as they tried to cross a busy dual-carriageway.

Motorists were forced to wait before entering the Tyne Tunnel at Jarrow, South Tyneside, on Monday morning as the flock walked across the A19.

Both sides of the road, which links North and South Tyneside via the tunnel system, came to a stop for a short period.

TT2, the company which runs the tunnels, released footage of workers in high-vis trying to get the birds to safety.

Posting on X, the Tyne Tunnel wrote: "Ducks brought the Tyne Tunnels to a short halt this morning. All safely rescued! Thanks to all involved".

Social media users were quick to comment on the chaos.

One wrote: "Wow, ducks causing traffic jams? Quacktastic!"

Another commented: "Hope they paid for their tolls or they might be billed."

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