Local elections in the North East and North Yorkshire: Results in full

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Voters had their say at polling stations on Thursday. Credit: PA

Voters were at the polls on Thursday to have their say on everything from local councils and crime commissioners to high-profile metro mayors.

Ballots have been counted with results announced on Friday 3 May.

It was a successful day for Labour with Kim McGuinness and David Skaith winning mayoral elections in the North East Mayor and York & North Yorkshire Mayor respectively.

Ben Houchen's reelection as Tees Valley Mayor has given the Conservatives something to celebrate on a disappointing day nationally.

Labour has also claimed wins in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections with Matt Storey elected in Cleveland, Joy Allen winning in Durham and Susan Dungworth elected for Northumbria.

There has been little movement in the region's councils with the exception of Hartlepool, which is now under Labour control.

The results in full:

Tees Valley Mayor:

Ben Houchen has been re-elected as Tees Valley mayor after beating Labour candidate Chris McEwan and Liberal Democrat Simon Thorley. Full results:

- Ben Houchen, Conservative: 81,930 (54%)

- Chris McEwan, Labour: 63,141 (41%)

- Simon Thorley, Liberal Democrat: 7,679 (5%)

North East Mayor:

Labour candidate Kim McGuinness has won the race to be elected as the first Mayor of the North East Combined Authority. Independent Jamie Driscoll was second ahead of Conservative Guy Renner-Thompson and Reform's Paul Donaghy. Full results:

- Kim McGuinness, Labour: 185,051 (41%)

- Jamie Driscoll, Independent: 126,652 (28%)

- Guy Renner-Thompson, Conservative: 52,446 (12%)

- Paul Donaghy, Reform: 41,147 (9%)

- Aidan King, Liberal Democrats: 25,485 (6%)

- Andrew Gray, Green: 17,631 (4%)

York & North Yorkshire Mayor

This new role covers the City of York and North Yorkshire. Labour candidate David Skaith won ahead of Conservative Keane Duncan and Liberal Democrat Felicity Cunliffe-Lister. Full results:

- David Skaith, Labour: 66,761 (35%)

- Keane Duncan, Conservative: 51,967 (27%)

- Felicity Cunliffe-Lister, Liberal Democrat: 30,867 (16%)

- Kevin Foster, Green Party: 15,188 (8%)

- Paul Haslam, Independent: 12,370 (7%)

- Keith Tordoff: 13,250 (7%)

All councillors in:

  • North Tyneside - Labour hold. All seats were up after a boundary review. Results were declared on Saturday afternoon, with Labour keeping control very comfortably, winning the same number of councillors as previously. Council now: Labour: 51, Conservative: 8, Independent: 1

A third of councillors in:

  • Gateshead - Labour hold. Of the seats up for election Labour won 16 and the Liberal Democrats won six. Overall council: Labour: 48, Liberal Democrat: 18

  • Hartlepool - Labour won control of the council for the first time since 2019 with a net gain of seven seats. The Tories lost six. Overall council now: Labour: 24, Independent: 6, Conservative: 6

  • Newcastle - Labour hold. Overall council now: Labour: 45, Liberal Democrat: 23, Independent: 7, Green: 2, Conservative: 1

  • South Tyneside - Labour suffered a net loss of 10 seats but retained its majority. Independent candidates gained nine seats and the Greens gained two. The Conservatives lost their only councillor. Overall council now: Labour: 28, Independent: 15, Green: 11

  • Sunderland - Labour made a net gain of six to increase its comfortable majority. Overall council now: Labour: 53, Liberal Democrat: 12, Conservative: 10

Police and Crime Commissioners:

  • Durham - covering County Durham and Darlington. Labour candidate Joy Allen was re-elected with 66,752 votes, beating Liberal Democrat Nigel Boddy (14,678 votes) and Conservative Robert Potts (37,773)

  • Cleveland - covering Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland, and Stockton. Labour's Matt Storey won the election with 65,418 votes (52.5%), beating incumbent Conservative candidate Steve Turner with 58,997 votes.

  • Northumbria - covering Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Susan Dungworth of Labour won the election with 32,464 votes, beating Conservative Ros Munro (15,820), Liberal Democrat John Appleby (10,790 votes) and independent Mustaque Rahman (3,467 votes)

Local councils

It proved to be a good night for Labour in councils across the North East with the party making gains in key areas.

In Hartlepool, where Labour lost a by-election to the Conservatives in 2021, there was reason to be cheerful as they made a net gain of seven seats - allowing them to take back control of the Council for the first time since 2019.

Labour built on its majority in Sunderland, where The Reform Party were the story of the night. The party fought every seat in Sunderland and while they did not win any seats, they did beat the Conservatives into third place in 16 of the 25 seats up for election.

South Tyneside was a Labour hold - but only just. Ongoing upset over bin strikes in the borough saw them lose ten seats, with independents gaining nine and the Greens gaining two. The Conservatives lost their only seat on the council, giving Labour a slim two-seat majority.

Mayoral races

Labour candidate Kim McGuinness secured a comprehensive win the race to become the first ever North East Mayor, drawing praise from party leader Keir Starmer who said he "won't let the North East down" following her election.

On Teesside, Conservative peer Lord Houchen won a third term as Tees Valley Mayor though with a reduced majority - seeing his share of the vote drop by around 20 per cent since 2021.

The big shock came in North Yorkshire, where Labour's David Skaith won the role of York & North Yorkshire Mayor in Conservative homeland, beating his nearest rival by almost 15,000 votes.

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