Northumberland County Show 'massive' for local economy

Kris Jepson reports from the 2024 Northumberland County Show

Thousands of people have attended the 2024 Northumberland County Show in Bywell.

Organisers said it was a "massive" event for the area and would provide a boost to the local economy.

Mark Scandle, chairman of the show, told ITV News: "It’s massive. Every hotel room, every air BnB, all of the rooms within a 20 mile radius, they’re full. We’ve got judges coming from all over the country, we’ve got exhibitors, we’ve got traders coming from everywhere. We can’t put a figure on it, but it is massive to Northumberland and the Tyne Valley.

"We have to keep it going because once the show goes, they don’t come back and, as I said before, the education is key. To get people out and have a great family day out and hopefully keep them coming back."

Horses at the Northumberland Show Credit: ITV News

Visitors to the show were fortunate the recent wet weather held off, as the competition animals were able to bask in the sunshine.

Though extremely muddy in many of the fields, it did not put off show-goers who attended.

One man, visiting specially from the Netherlands, said: "I got it by good authority this is the best one in the whole of the United Kingdom, hence coming over here the weekend, come and have a look around, learn a bit more about horses, cows etc. Very interesting."

Another woman concurred, adding: "This is one of the best country shows that I’ve ever been to. Everything is perfectly organised and bar the weather, which has actually worked out really well for us today, it’s fantastic."

Llama at the show Credit: ITV News

A chance to celebrate Northumbrian culture and heritage, the show also educates people about farming, agriculture and food.

Food stalls, reenactments, and competitions featuring animals like horses and llamas kept everyone entertained.