Jodie Comer and Danny Boyle pictured in Northumberland as filming for 28 Days Later sequel begins

Jodie Comer and Danny Boyle were both in the Northumberland town of Rothbury for filming on the sequel for 28 Days Later. Credit: Steven Bridgett/ITV Tyne Tees

A host of Hollywood stars have descended on Northumberland for filming on the sequel of 28 Days Later.

Jodie Comer and award-winning film maker Danny Boyle were among those in Rothbury for the shoot for 28 years Later - the film that will be set 28 years after the original.

Comer was seen walking around the Simonside Hills trying to hide from the cameras while dressed in costume. Meanwhile, Boyle was later spotted queuing for the catering van.

However, the duo were overshadowed by some particularly woolly sheep. The animals were dressed in giant fleeces to make give them the appearance of being unsheared on camera.

Jodie Comer hid from the camera during the shoot. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Boyle spoke to local councillor Steven Bridgett during the shoot on the hills, telling him how much he had enjoyed filming in Rothbury and Northumberland so far.

"We've had a great time in Rothbury," he said. "We got a camera down there with very woolly sheep.

"Try to imagine what sheep are like if they haven't been shorn.

"We have been up on the hillside which is absolutely beautiful. It's a wonderful place to come and film, the whole of Northumberland but Rothbury is particularly nice."

Filming took place on the hills looking down into the town. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The film shoots have brought an extra buzz to the town with residents trying to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood stars.

"The excitement has been building since we received letters a few weeks ago that they were coming," said Neil Lafferty. "I am a big fan of the film so obviously I was a little bit overexcited.

"To be right outside, on this road with an oscar winning director is a bit surreal. I opened up the curtains this morning and saw Danny Boyle outside my window. I couldn't get dressed quick enough to get outside.

"He's lovely. He's really nice. The crew have all said how friendly and amiendable he is and how he wants to meet people all the time. But for him to take time and speak to us and a couple over the road as well, really nice bloke."

It was the sheep that stole the show. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

It is also hoped the filming will help provide a boost to the area as the film crews visit local businesses.

"You have got some of the crew staying within the village and using local facilities for food and drink," explained Councillor Bridgett. "You have also got the fact it is going to be in a movie which is a great advertisement for the local area as well."

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