Crime rise on Teesside

Crime has risen in the Cleveland Police area for the first time in six years.

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Cleveland Police crime figures rise

The number of crimes committed in the Cleveland Police area is up for the first time in six years.

The total crime rate in the rest of the English part of our region is down, but on Teesside it was driven up partly by people not paying for their petrol.

Our correspondent Dan Ashby has been on Teesside, and spoke to Andrew Love at Billingham bypass petrol station.


Police warn of theft increase

Cleveland Police say that the rise in crime is also partly down to theft.

Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Roberts said:

"There's an increase in shoplifting. It's not luxury goods."We've had people stealing a single tin of baked beans, which is reallysomething we haven't seen a lot of. It is clearly linked to recessionaryimpact, although there is no excuse for crime."

– Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Roberts, Cleveland Police

Drop in crime across the whole North East

Crime across the North East dropped by 3%, according to Home Office figures.

Northumbria is performing the best, with a drop of 7% in total crimes committed and North Yorkshire is in second place with a drop of 3%.

In the Home Office figures, which look at the 2011 calendar year, Cleveland's crime rose by 3%.

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