Man held over African massacre

A man from North Yorkshire is being held in the Central African Republic after reporting he discovered bodies on a game reserve.

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Pilot held for murder

A man arrested in the Central African Republic after he stumbled across 18 dead bodies has now been officially notified that he's being held on suspicion of their murder.

David Simpson says he discovered the bodies while he was working as a pilot for a big game company six weeks ago. Today his family say the fact that he now knows why he is being held has given them hope.


Pilot charged with murder after claiming he found massacre

A pilot who claims he discovered a massacre while working in Africa, has been been charged with their murders. Eighteen people were killed in the Central African Republic in March.

David Simpson Credit: ITV

David Simpson, from north Yorkshire, seen here on the left, had been working there for two years. He says the killings look like an attack by local rebels. But he was held in jail for over a month after alerting authorities. Mr Simpson could face the death penalty if found guilty.

Man held over African massacre

David Simpson (left), 24, is being detained n the Central African Republic after discovering bodies near a local river Credit: ITV News

A man from North Yorkshire is being held in prison in Africa after discovering 'bodies with machette wounds'.

David Simpson, 24, moved from his home near Pickering to the Central African Republic two years ago to work on a game reserve.

His family say he went for a drink at a river nearby when he found the bodies with machettes wounds to the backs of their heads.

David reported his discovery to the local authorities, who took him to the prison in the capital city Bangui, where he has been held without charge for a month.

His family say he has been wrongly accused of carrying out the killings himself.

David Simpson has been held in a jail in the Central African Republic for a month Credit: ITV News

The Justice Minister for the Central African Republic says the case will be brought before a Magistrate next week.

The British Foreign Office is providing consular assistance to David Simpson.


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