Dairy farmers protest

Hundreds of the region's dairy farmers are protesting in London over processors' decision to lower the price they buy their milk at.

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Dairy farmers fight cuts to milk prices

Dairy farmers from across the region have been protesting over what they say is an 'unsustainable' fall in the price they get for milk.

Hundreds met in London to demand an immediate reversal of a series of price cuts that will take effect in August. Unions say from Northumberland to the Scottish Borders and beyond more and more farmers are struggling to survive.

"Farmers now making a loss on milk"

Dairy Co says that the cost of milk in November 2011 was 29p per litre, the price needed for farmers to break even.

The new price cuts will bring the average price to 25p per litre, meaning a loss of more than £37,000 per farmer and forcing many to operate below cost price.


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