Double murder suspect on trial

James Allen is accused of murdering Colin Dunford, 81, in Middlesbrough, and Julie Davison, 50, in Whitby, last April. He denies the charges.

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Defence continues in double murder trial

A man on trial for two murders has told the jury that he will admit the crimes if he is shown a substantial piece of evidence linking him to the killings.

James Allen said that the prosecution had nothing on him and that they looked stupid as a result of this.

He also threatened and swore at the barrister at Newcastle Crown Court.

James Allen denies murdering Colin Dunford in Middlesbrough last April before travelling to Whitby and murdering Julie Davison.

The trial continues.


James Allen trial: Defence begins

A man accused of two murders has admitted running from the police but says that he did not kill anyone.

James Allen has told a jury that he knew that he would be going to jail after serious allegations were made against him.

He denies murdering a pensioner in Middlesbrough and a woman in Whitby last April.

Murder suspect leaves dock in protest

James Allen, the man accused of murdering a woman from Whitby and a pensioner in Middlebrough, left the dock as the jury were brought in in protest at the court finishing time.

"I'll be off then," he said.

"Alright then," said the judge

The judge explained that Allen had the right to attend his trial but was exercising his right not to.


Court hears about victim's last moments

A court has heard how a man found his murdered sister-in-law's body at her home, after going to see if she was alright.

William Kibble gave evidence at the trial of James Allen, who's accused of murdering Julie Davison from Whitby, and Colin Dunford from Middlesbrough.

Throughout the day at Newcastle Crown Court friends and family have described the last moments of Ms Davison's life.

You can see the full report from Dan Ashby below:

Court hears about last moments of Whitby victim

The trial of double murder suspect James Allen has continued today with the court hearing about the last moments of one of his alleged victims Julie Davison.

Julie Davison's brother-in-law said that they had arranged to meet the 50-year-old, and became worried when they did not hear from her.

He and his wife then let themselves into her flat with a spare key, concerned that Julie might have suffered an epileptic seizure.

The court heard that the flat had been ransacked and that his wife screamed when she discovered Julie's body.

Another witness, who had spent the night with Julie Davison, said that when he left her flat that morning he had seen a man waiting outside wearing a baseball cap and smoking.

James Allen denies murdering both Julie Davison and Colin Dunford, and the case continues.

Double murder trial hears from Whitby witnesses

Several witnesses were called to the stand who lived in or around Church Square in Whitby where the body of 50-year-old Julie Davison was found in her flat on the 25th of April 2012.

The prosecution alleges that James Allen travelled to Whitby after killing Colin Dunford in Middlesbrough.

The court heard from two witnesses who were in Julie Davison's block of flats in the hours before her body was discovered.

They say they spoke to a man they didn't recognise, who was sitting in the corridor of the ground floor.

Both said he had shown them his blood-stained sock, and told them that he had fallen off his bike.

The two witnesses then said that they had seen the man talking to a woman as they left, telling her she had to have her locks changed.

James Allen denies both murders and the trial continues.

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