Double murder suspect on trial

James Allen is accused of murdering Colin Dunford, 81, in Middlesbrough, and Julie Davison, 50, in Whitby, last April. He denies the charges.

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  1. Ben Chapman

Double murder suspect refuses to attend court

A man accused of two murders has refused to attend court to hear the evidence against him. James Allen denies killing and robbing Colin Dunford in Middlesbrough and Julie Davison in Whitby last April.

Today a waitress told the jury that she had seen what she thought was blood on his sleeve whilst she was serving him in the days between the murders.


  1. Ben Chapman

Double murder suspect removed from court

A double murder suspect has been removed from the dock for disrupting his trial. James Allen was sent to the cells by the judge for interrupting the questioning of a witness.

He's accused of murdering a pensioner in Middlesbrough and a woman in Whitby last April. The drama followed angry exchanges between his defence team and another witness earlier in the day.

Best friends found pensioner's body

Close friends of a murdered pensioner have described in court the moment they found his battered body. Colin Dunford, 81, was killed in his home in Middlesbrough last spring.

James Allen is accused of murdering and robbing him, as well as a woman in Whitby three days later. A jury's been told he stabbed her more than 30 times.


James Allen trial: Prosecution begins

The trial of James Allen, the man accused of murdering a Teesside pensioner and a woman from Whitby last April, has started in Newcastle.

Allen has pleaded not guilty to killing Colin Dunford and Julie Davison, and the trial continues.

Newcastle Crown Court was told Colin Dunford, 81, and Julie Davison, 50, were both found dead in their homes with serious injuries.

The prosecution say they were murdered by James Allen in their own homes and that Allen told "significant lies" while in custody,

The court heard friends of Mr Dunford became worried for him when he didn't turn up at this club for two nights.

The prosecution say Allen was caught on CCTV repeatedly checking his account balance on the night of Julie Davison was robbed and killed.

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