New dome for Sikh temple

A symbolic golden dome has been lifted into place on top of a new temple for Newcastle's Sikh community.

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Sikhs bless golden dome for new temple

The Sikh community in Newcastle blessed the new dome in a traditional ceremony. Credit: ITV

The Sikh community in Newcastle has been celebrating the latest stage in the construction of a new Temple.

Music was played, hymns were sung and prayers were said to bless the dome. Credit: ITV

The symbolic golden dome, known as a Gumut, was lifted into place on top of the new building, in Newcastle's west end.

The golden dome was lifted by a crane following the ceremony. Credit: ITV

The new temple replaces the current building, which the community has occupied since the early 1970s. It will be the first purpose-built Sikh place of worship in the North East.

The community has raised £2.4 million for the new building. Credit: ITV

The community hopes it will give them a visible presence in the city.

The dome was carefully lowered into place and secured by builders. Credit: ITV

The building is expected to be ready to use by February 2013, with an official opening ceremony planned for April.

The new dome can be seen from the Tyne Bridge. Credit: ITV


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