Calls to save historic City Pool

A Newcastle swimming club has launched a SOS campaign to save the historic City Pool in Newcastle currently facing closure.

The announcement came last week that the council might close the swimming pool, a measure opposed by many of the public.

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Swimming club says pool closure will halt Olympic dreams

A Newcastle swimming club has launched an urgent campaign to halt plans to shut down the pool in which it has trained for over thirty years.

The City of Newcastle Amateur Swimming Club trains at Newcastle's City Pool for over seventy hours each week, and the pool has seen three olympians train there, as well as many more swimmers who have represented Great Britain internationally.

Two swimmers from the club, 14-year-old Georgia Darwent and 16-year-old Tom Howley, represented Great Britain this summer at the Olympics.

The club and other swimmers at the pool face eviction if plans go ahead to close City Pool in March 2013.

"The news of the threatened closure has come as a massive shock to the Club and our swimmers. It is ironic that in 2012 Newcastle's Olympic legacy threatens to be the closure of the City Pool, the home to the City's Swimming Club and some of the region's best swimming talent.

If the pool closes Newcastle will have lost a crucial sporting asset as well as a building of major historic importance in the heart of the city."

– Louise Graham, Head Coach of City of Newcastle ASC


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