Sir John Hall back home

The man behind the success of the Metrocentre, Sir John Hall, is back in the region to take the lead role in helping revitalise his home town - Ashington.

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Leading entrepreneur to revamp Ashington high street

One of the region's best-known businessmen Sir John Hall is returning to his home town to try and revamp the high street.

Sir John Hall, perhaps best known for being the man behind the Metro Centre, is spearheading an action group that is looking at ways to improve business and trade in Ashington.

The group was formed after a government report was published into failing high streets across the country.

"It is well known that I was born, lived, and brought up in North Seaton, part of Ashington.

It is also well-documented that my early vision of the Metro Centre was based on my knowledge, liking and experience of the range of available retail shopping on Station Road, Ashington.

To be given the opportunity to return to my hometown and be directly involved in working with others to affect real positive change and improvement in Ashington was too good a chance to miss and I intend to give it my very best shot."

– Sir John Hall
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