NHS services could help smokers quit

NHS Northumberland says its anti-smoking services could help four-times more smokers quit

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"The advice is always to quit if you can"

The Northumberland Stop Smoking Service has warned that there are still many older smokers in the region putting their lives at risk, years after the smoking ban was introduced.

The warning comes as the Government released a hard-hitting advert which shows a tumour growing out of a cigarette.

The North East has seen the fastest rate of people quitting, but the service says more people need to follow suit.

NHS anti-smoking services praised

Bob Cunningham and his family Credit: ITV

Bob Cunningham and his family has had their first smokefree Christmas in more than 20 years after he gave up the habit.

He said that he is now fitter, can taste sugar and salt better, and has hundreds more pounds to spend on his family.

He is one of more than 5,000 people who have benefited from NHS Northumbria Healthcare's Stop Smoking services.


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