Bulger killers' ID ban breached

A man from Sunderland has admitted breaking an order banning the revealing of the new identities of James Bulger's killers on social media sites.

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Men admit breaching ban on Bulger killers' identities

Neil Harkins and Dean Liddle, who are accused of breaching the injunction that stops identification of James Bulger's killers, have arrived at the High Court.

Robert Thompson (l) and Jon Venables (r) were given new identities. Credit: Daybreak

Lawyers for both men have indicated to the court that they accept that they are in contempt of the injunction.

The court has broken to give the men more time with their lawyers.

  1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent
  2. National

Venables tweeter: 'Love them to take me to court'

After he was contacted by the Attorney General's office Dean Liddle posted the following tweets:

Just been served with court papers for posting picture of sick child killers Venables and Thompson. What a joke.

Love them to take me to court. I'll tell them exactly why I posted pictures of sick child killers.

But he quickly changed his tune when he received the letter saying that he would be prosecuted.

He then wrote and apologised, saying he had not fully understood the terms of the injunction and that he had seen the same images on hundreds of other sites.

  1. Juliet Bremner - ITV News Correspondent
  2. National

Tweets with 'Venables picture' removed after an hour

The images were posted by Dean Liddle at 1.42am and removed less than an hour later, after questions were raised that they may have got the wrong people. The Twitter profile of Liddle had 915 followers.

The conversation that followed on the social network site said that it might be Venables and Liddle responds: "I was passed these by a friend if there is doubt about it being him I will remove."

He had earlier said in response to suggestion that child killers should be locked up for life: "I don't think that all child killers should be but after release he was arrested for child porn so agree here."

Sunderland man in High Court over information posted about Bulger killers

High Court action is being taken today against two men - including a man from Sunderland - over information posted on Facebook and Twitter in relation to the identity of James' Bulger's killers.

Images recently appeared on Twitter claiming to show an adult Venables, who was released from jail on licence with a new identity in 2001.

Publication of any image or information that leads to the identification of Venables or Thompson is prohibited, under the protection of a court order.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were jailed for life after they abducted and murdered two-year-old James in Liverpool in February 1993.

Neil Harkins and Dean Liddle, who is from Sunderland, are accused of breaching the injunction that stops identification of James Bulger's killers.


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