British Science Festival

Tyneside is playing host to the British Science Festival this week. It's the seventh time Newcastle has been chosen to hold the lectures, events and workshops.

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Full Report: British Science Festival draws to a close

This year's British Science Festival is drawing to a close on Tyneside, but the all important research goes on.

An ambitious project is taking place at the Baltic 39 art gallery in Newcastle.

One of the things that makes human beings unique is our ability to appreciate art and scientists are trying to work out why this is by examining the human brain.

Watch the full report from Richard Wilson below.



  1. Richard Wilson

Lord Winston supports British Science Festival

Professor Robert Winston has offered his support to the British Science Festival which is taking place on Tyneside this week.

Lord Winston, Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College London, said: "The North East of England is a powerhouse of good science and good universities.

"You've got the Centre for Life and so on and you engage the public. So it's important to support that even though it's a long trip from London."

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