Teachers on strike

Thousands of teachers will go on strike today in a row over pay and working conditions. Members from two of the country's main teachers unions will march in cities across the UK, including Durham.

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Teachers strike over Government proposals

Hundreds of teachers have marched through the streets of Durham as their fight with the Government over changes to pay and conditions reaches boiling point.

Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to alter teachers pensions and introduce performance related pay. Unions say the move will devastate the profession and children's education.


Mixed views on striking teachers

On Facebook, Jane Caithness Turner says:

"I agree with them. they should voice their anger, as we all should... If we all work until 68 there will not be any jobs for youth... Teachers work harder than MPs, time for fairness."

On Facebook, Antonio Barbaro says:

"A strike is always a last resort and for a profession as dedicated as teachers to come out on strike takes a lot. Backing them 100%. Good luck to them."


Teachers' strike

Teachers on the picket line at Charles Thorp Comprehensive School, Ryton, in a row over pensions, pay and working conditions. They say this is a 'reluctant' strike but that they have been left with little choice.

Campaigners on the picket line Credit: ITV
'Gove Must Go' posters Credit: ITV
Campaigners in Ryton Credit: ITV
'We Won't Wait 'Til 68' posters are held up on the picket line Credit: ITV

Will your child's school be open during day of strikes?

Thousands of children will be off school tomorrow (October 17) as teachers take to the picket lines.

Two of the country's main teaching unions will march in cities across the UK, including Durham.

Some schools will be forced to close if too many teachers are on strike.

Details of which schools will be closed can be found in the links below:

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