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Redcar MP Anna Turley resigns from the Labour shadow team

The Labour MP for Redcar Anna Turnley has resigned from the Labour shadow team.

In a letter she said that she does not believe Jeremy Corbyn - or his team 0 are providing a strong and competent leadership.


Redcar MP says she is 'disappointed' with EU referendum result

Anna Turley Redcar MP Credit: PA

Anna Turley - the Labour MP for Redcar - has said she wants to make sure that Brexit truly does "liberate us in this region".

She's said she is "disappointed" in the result though.

“Obviously I am disappointed about the result. It was not what I believed was best for the future of our country and our economy. But people have spoken loud and clear. I heard and understood the concerns, indeed the anger, people had throughout this process (and before) and the local result was not unexpected.

Now my priority will be to focus on helping to get best deal for Britain from Brexit. Now we have made this decision, we have got to try and stabilise the economy and build one that works for our region. We need to make sure that Brexit truly does liberate us in this region, as people have voted for, not do us further damage.

Britain is a great country. Teesside is a great area. We have to pull together now to get the best deal. I will be going back down to parliament on Monday and will redouble my efforts to make sure the decisions made work for us.

– Anna Turley - the Labour MP for Redcar

Anna Turley MP: 'We have yet to see a clear plan' for SSI site

Anna Turley MP, Labour, Redcar

Labour MP Anna Turley has responded to Lord Heseltine's plans to transform the former SSI steelworks site in Redcar.

In a statement she said she was pleased the government were progressing on the future of the site, but is yet to see a clear plan.

I am pleased the government are progressing on the future of the SSI site and welcome any measures which help our local economy to recover from the loss of steelmaking and job losses in other industries like Boulby Potash.

We have the skills, experience and ambition here on Teesside to drive the area forward and it is good that the government recognise the importance of local leadership on this.

The short term commitment on securing the site is welcome but we have yet to see a clear plan for cleaning up and whether or not they will take responsibility for the vast cost involved which simply cannot be borne by the local authorities.

Along with Labour colleagues on Teesside, our priority is developing a clear economic strategy for the region, building on our existing industrial and manufacturing strengths and crucially attracting the high skilled and high value jobs we need.

To deliver this, the Mayoral Development Corporation needs to be backed up with real, tangible powers and funding and not simply be a back-patting exercise by Ministers.

– Anna Turley MP, Labour, Redcar

SSI: Plea for last minute intervention from Prime Minister

Redcar MP Anna Turley tweets the question she wanted to ask David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions about saving steelmaking on Teesside, but she was never called by the speaker: