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Weather: Northern Lights last night

This picture of the Northern Lights was taken by Angi Wallace at 12.35 am this morning.

She says she sat waiting patiently in a chair for over three hours for clouds to clear and the aurora borealis to appear.

Northern Lights over St Mary's Lighthouse Credit: Angi Wallace

She was finally rewarded with clear skies and a brief 5 minute light display of the aurora.

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Weather: Northern Lights give a festive display

Berwick-Upon-Tweed Credit: Danny Spring

There was a festive light display for a lucky few last night as clear skies led to perfect Aurora spotting conditions.

People in the east saw some spectacular scenes as the Northern Lights brought a splash of colour to the night's sky.

Here are some of the pictures you have been sending in.

Howick Credit: Alan Short
Hartlepool Credit: Gary Pescod
Middlesbrough Credit: Lindsey Taylor
St Mary's Lighthouse Credit: Paul Turner

NORTHERN LIGHTS: Could we see them tonight?

Barnard Castle on Tuesday Credit: Mark Brownless

Two nights ago a lucky few were able to spot the Northern Lights over the north of the UK.

This was thanks to an increase in geomagnetic activity- a scenario that has been repeated today.

If this lasts it could mean good news for aurora spotters in the region tonight.

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Geomagnetic activity readings Credit:

The main problem we are facing is cloud levels.

The general trend os for the cloud to break through the late evening - with clearer skies developing after midnight.

At the moment it is a case of keeping your fingers crossed and watching this space.

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Stunning Northern Lights display overnight

Barnard Castle Credit: Mark Brownless

There were wonderful scenes to be spotted in our skies overnight as the Northern Lights made an appearance for a lucky few who stayed up into the early hours.

The purple, yellow and green lights were visible in Northern England and Southern Scotland.

The scene near Hawick Credit: Sam Cornwell

Readings from aurorawatch showed above average geomagnetic activity readings last night.

The website has said this means,

The Aurora is likely to be visible from Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland."

– aurorawatch

As to whether we will have a similar scene tonight - at the moment it is a case of waiting and watching.

Northern Lights light up the sky Credit: Sam Cornwell
  • If you catch a glimpse of the Aurora tonight do tweet @itvtynetees or email your pictures.

The aurora lights up the skies

Holy Island on Saturday night Credit: Wayne Calvert

Saturday night gave a lucky few a view to remember.

The Northern Lights were active over our region - with people on Holy Island getting some amazing views.

Here are some of the pictures we have been sent.

Holy Island on Saturday night Credit: Ashley Corr

Ashly told us -

The light show was amazing and lasted for over 5 hours!

We left Sunderland at 6.30 on Saturday evening and returned home at 6.00am on Sunday morning… shattered but ecstatic.

– Ashley Corr
Credit: Wayne Calvert