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Woman wins 'bedroom tax' appeal

A disabled woman unable to share a bedroom with her husband has won an appeal over Redcar and Cleveland Council against the so-called 'bedroom tax'.

A tribunal found the council hadn't taken into consideration the woman's "disabilities and reasonable requirements.'

The tenant, who has chosen to be anonymous, suffers from various health conditions and this year had a stroke - leaving her requiring a wheelchair.

The tribunal concluded that, because of their unique circumstances, the couple needed a bedroom each.

Full Report: Bedroom Tax blamed for council house arrears

It was one of the Government's most controversial cuts - and tonight we have learned the full extent of the so-called bedroom tax in the North East.

Councils have told Tyne Tees News that they are now owed more than half a million pounds in unpaid rents.

This follows the Coalition's decision to cut benefits for people who have a spare room.

You can watch the full report from Dan Ashby below.


Bedroom Tax blamed for council house arrears

At least half a million pounds of unpaid rent is due to councils in the North East as tenants struggle to cope with the effects of benefit changes.

There were protests across the region when welfare reforms came into force in April.

The demonstrations were mainly about the so called bedroom tax which means tenants must pay more if they have a spare bedroom.

Two thirds of people in Newcastle who are affected are now in arrears.


Full Report: Bedroom tax in the North East

Families across the region will have their benefits reduced from next week if they live in a council house and have one or more spare rooms under the so-called "bedroom tax."

The government wants them to downsize, saying it will free up more space and bring down the benefits bill.

It has been dubbed "the bedroom tax" - and one family says that the move will force them into poverty, without money for food or heating.

You can watch the full report from Frances Read below.

Billingham man "disgusted and let down" by new bedroom tax

Peter Newell from Billingham says that he feels "disgusted and let down" by the government who have implemented the benefit changes.

He lives with his wife in a three bedroomed house which is specially adapted for his disability, although he says that he would be happy to move into a two bedroomed house but there aren't any available with the adaptations he needs.

Paul says that under the new "bedroom tax" he will lose £15 a week which will make it hard to pay for food or heating.

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