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Sister of cyclist killed in London welcomes new safety moves

Eilidh Cairns, who died while cycling to work in London. Credit: Cairns family

A Northumberland woman, whose sister died while cycling in London, has welcomed new rules being introduced by the London mayor to improve safety.

Sadiq Khan plans to ban lorries that have blind-spots from the capital.

Eilidh Cairns died while cycling to work in London in 2009. Now her sister Kate, who runs the See Me Save Me campaign, wants similar rules applied to the North East.

"The key issue which became blindingly apparent from the agony of losing Eilidh is that lorries have massive blind areas all around their cabs. Collisions with HGVs kill or seriously injure twice as many pedestrians as cyclists.

Drivers should be given adequate tools and training to do their very difficult job so everyone can use our streets safely. It is obvious, at a most basic level, this means cabs with better all-round vision.

We have campaigned relentlessly for safer lorries for seven years. We have worked with industry to find solutions. Now we have the research to prove the point, and the tools to fix it.

I welcome the Mayor's conviction to protect the people of London from avoidable and violent death and injury."


How Newcastle can become a more 'bike friendly' city?

More of us would use our bikes if routes were traffic free Credit: PA

The Bike Life report for Newcastle has been published - and its looking at ways Newcastle can be more bike friendly to encourage more of us to take our journeys by two wheels instead of four.

Work centres around John Dobson Street in the city which is being transformed into a 'boulevard' style area with wider spaces for pedestrians and also a protected two way cycle path.

Cycling in the city is another initiative that is aiming to get us more active by using our bikes. It involves free bike 'health checks, loaning bikes out from the cycle library and letting people know where its safe to cycle.

  • 77% of people want to see more investment in cycling
  • The over 75's are the least likely to ride a bike
  • 90% of people who currently don't ride a bike want traffic free routes before to help them get on the saddle
  • 54% of people could potentially use a bike for work and pleasure in Newcastle
  • 50% of people in Newcastle live in a household with more than 1 bike
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