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Soldiers march through York

Five hundred soldiers from The Yorkshire Regiment who served in Afghanistan will march through the City of York today, December 5.

They will then take part in a thanksgiving service at York Minster attended by His Royal Highness the Duke of York.

Ten of their soldiers were killed on operations. Their families have been invited to the parade and service.

Duke of York to open £12m Teesside college

Prince Andrew is opening The Bede sixth form at Stockton Riverside College Credit: ITV

The Duke of York is officially opening a Teesside sixth form college which has been given a £12 million refurbishment.

The Bede sixth form at Stockton Riverside College, in Billingham was originally built in 1959 and known as Stephenson Hall. The building had fallen into disrepair, and had a leaking roof and poor heating before it was demolished and rebuilt three years ago.

Former principal of Bede Sixth Form and now Deputy Principal of Stockton Riverside College, Miriam Stanton said: "The sixth form has always been very successful - at one stage it was in the top sixth form colleges in England.

"The problem though, was that the building was old and had become one of the worst in England. Its roof leaked, it was badly designed, the heating was poor in winter and the building was too hot in the summer.

"Pieces occasionally fell off it, the cladding was disintegrating - it wasn't close to being good enough. We had to have something better - somewhere that put the students at the centre of learning and was aspirational."

The new facilities include a geology lab, a TV studio, digital media rooms, and a sound recording studio.

Prince Andrew is opening the college as part of his interest in recognising the work of institutions that help young people improve their future employment prospects.