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North East "most connected" for electric cars

The North East is the most 'connected' region when it comes to electric cars.

We have more than a thousand charging points between Berwick and Middlesbrough, more per person than any other region.

Despite this many drivers are worried that it is still not enough.

Motorists fear they could run out of power before they reach the next charging point. John Ryall reports.

Electric cars ARE greener say Newcastle scientists

An electric car in Newcastle where the research has been carried out Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A three-year study by Newcastle University has found that electric cars are greener than petrol-powered vehicles.

Critics of electric cars have argued that the carbon emissions released in producing the electricity for the vehicles meant there was no environmental advantage compared with petrol-fuelled cars.

However, the SwitchEV study found that electric vehicles produce just over half the amount carbon generated by conventional vehicles.

Newcastle University has conducted the SwitchEV project over the last three years, working with manufacturers of electric cars including Nissan and Smith Electric Vehicles.

The research traced almost 200 volunteer drivers from across the North East.


Full Report: Million pound investment for electric cars

The Transport Secretary was in Sunderland today to launch a 37 million pound plan to introduce more electric car chargepoints and encourage greener travel.

The government will subsidise the installation cost of new chargepoints and it is hoped that more of us will pay the extra money for an electric car, benefitting the region's economy.

Watch the full report from Rachel Bullock below.

Millions of pounds investment in electric car infrastructure

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin makes Credit: ITV

The Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, is in the region today as he announced millions of pounds will be invested in electric car infrastructure.

Drivers with plug-in vehicles are set to benefit from a £37 million funding package for home and on-street charging and for new charge points for people parking plug-in vehicles at railway stations.

The £37 million funding for the package comes from the government’s £400 million commitment to increase the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles and is available until April 2015.

Mr McLoughlin made the announcement in Sunderland this morning.

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