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Flood charity on standby to help those at risk

Flooding in Corbridge in December 2015 Credit: ITV News Tyne Tees

A year since severe storms across the North of England, a charity says it is 'braced' to support people at risk of flooding.

The National Flood Forum helps communities and individuals who face flooding and supports those who have been affected.

It says calls to its helpline more than doubled last winter, compared with the year before, as Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused devastation in areas like the Tyne Valley, York and parts of North Yorkshire.

The aftermath of Storm Eva in York Credit: ITV News

Paul Cobbing from the National Flood Forum said the trauma of being flooded can have a long term impact on people, and says those hit last year may be worrying that the same thing could happen again.

Flood recovery is all-consuming and as we approach another winter we know that the sound of rain can send people into a panic that they may have to face it all over again.

– Paul Cobbing, National Flood Forum

The charity says it is keen to spread the message that support is available for people who have experienced flooding.

Soldiers in York train to prevent future flooding

After hundreds of homes and dozens of businesses were swamped in York's worst floods in a decade, soldiers from North Yorkshire have been learning how to use temporary barriers are part of the huge effort to hold back the waters this winter.

They are among 1200 troops on twenty four hour standby to help deal with emergencies.

The government committed £12.5 million for new temporary flood defences and pumps following a review into last December's crisis and new temporary barriers and today's training is part of the plans.

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