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Teesside University students to get 'Health MOT'

All new students joining Teesside University this autumn will be offered a 'health MOT' throughout their higher education career.

All undergraduate students will be able to sign up to the programme, which will monitor their diet, exercise and lifestyle so that they can be made aware of any potential health issues.

All data gathered by School of Science & Engineering's BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition students, who are running the scheme, will be fed back to each individual with recommendations on how to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Dr Laura Brown, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Food and Health Sciences, said: "The Health MOT is a free, bespoke service tailored towards the needs of students to offer individual guidance on diet, alcohol, sleep and exercise patterns.

"It has been designed by food and nutrition students, who will deliver the sessions. It is initially a pilot project to obtain an idea of how popular the scheme might be."


Grandmother returns to Africa in fight against Ebola

A grandmother from North Yorkshire is planning to return to Western Africa to continue her fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak.

Cokie van der Velde with her grandchildren in North Yorkshire

Cokie van der Velde is currently enjoying time with her family at Whicksley in North Yorkshire. She works for the charity Medicine San Frontier and last month she was thousands of miles away helping doctors to combat Ebola virus in Liberia and Guinea. Despite all the risks, Cokie will return there in September.

Cokie van der Velde with her fellow aid workers
Despite the risk to her own safety, Cokie van der Velde is returning to Africa to try and save more lives
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