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Vote Leave: North East investment would not be jeopardised by Brexit

In response to David Cameron's visit to Hitachi Rail's Newton Aycliffe, vote leave supporters have said that the notion investment into the North East would be jeopardised by a vote to leave is 'ludicrous'.

John Elliott, chairman of local employer Ebac and Vote Leave supporter, said:

Hitachi came to the North East in order to supply the UK market with trains. That is not going to change if we leave the EU.

Hitachi's biggest client in the UK is the government, so it's no surprise they're dancing to their tune.

We've heard this all before. Large multinationals such as Nissan said they would leave if we didn't join the Euro, but they didn't.

Hitachi themselves have said all we need is a free trade deal with the EU, which we will have when we Vote Leave on 23 June.”

– John Elliott, chairman of local employer Ebac and Vote Leave supporter

PM arrives at Hitachi plant for EU speech

The Prime Minister has arrived at Hitachi's Newton Aycliffe train factory ahead of a speech he'll be giving on why Britons should vote to stay in the EU. He will be focussing on how jobs and the economy would be affected by a 'Brexit'.

Hitachi chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi recently said that although the firm was a serious long-term investor in the UK, a Brexit would force them to rethink their strategy in Europe.


In Pictures: new rail factory on schedule and on time

The final piece of track leading to the Hitachi factory Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Final piece of track that will link the Hitachi factory with the rail network Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Photocall for some of the workers who have worked on the project Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
The line that links the factory with the main rail network Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Newton Aycliffe factory on right track for completion

On track for completion Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

A County Durham factory where hundreds of train carriages will be built is on target to be completed.

The final part of the track connecting the Hitachi factory at Newton Aycliffe to the rail network was laid today.

When it's finished the building will become the company's main European factory for train manufacturing, employing 700 people.

It will be the base for constructing the new Great Western Main Line and East Coast Main Line trains .

Hitachi train factory 'on track' to open in 2015

The construction of a train factory in County Durham, where hundreds of new train carriages will be built for Intercity and ScotRail contracts, is on target to be completed later this year.

Hundreds of train carriages will be built at the site in Newton Aycliffe

More than 700 people will work at the plant in Newton Aycliffe, where hundreds of new train carriages will be built.

Today the final part of the track will be installed, connecting the factory to the rail network for the first time.


Japanese high speed trains hurtling toward the North East

The new high speed trains destined for the North East

The first of the new generation of bullet style intercity trains for Great Western and East Coast, have rolled off the production line in Japan.

Part of a £5 billion Government project, the trains will replace the current 40 year old carriages providing extra capacity and be assembled in Newton Aycliffe.

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