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Stoat 'dances' on ice

It may be its first ice encounter.. it may just be practicing its summersaults.

Whatever is going on this stoat at the Washington Wetland Centre is certainly having a good time.

The north east centre has been filming the antics of their residents as the cold weather freezes over the water.

And they have offered this top tip:

If you put a floating ball into your pond or bird bath as with wind moves the ball it prevents total freeze over.

Birds, need drinking water but also need water to keep their feathers in condition. Smashing the ice could harm aquatic life.

Met Office issue weather warning for ice

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice in the North East of England. That means drivers, particularly, should be wary on the roads, especially on high ground.

Ice is likely to form on untreated surfaces... The public should be aware that icy surfaces are possible, especially on side roads and pavements, and should take care.

– The Met Office

Driving Advice Issued For Motorists

Northumbria Police is advising motorists to take extra care on the region's roads due to the icy weather conditions. Officers say drivers should; moderate speeds, try not to brake sharply, beware of poor visibility, and watch out for pedestrians on roads when footpaths are too icy to use.