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Young dentist killed by 'ketamine cocktail' could have been saved if she'd got help

A young dentist who died after taking a 'cocktail' of ketamine and heroin could have been saved if she had got medical help sooner.

Mariam Ali Shaabam Hussain Khesroh, 24, a Leeds student from Kuwait, was found dead in Harrogate in April 2013.

She will never know that she passed her final exams.

The inquest heard that the drugs had contributed to Mariam’s death and that it could have been avoided if she'd got help sooner.

But instead, Mariam was dragged behind a building and left by the bins.

Assistant Coroner for North Yorkshire, Geoff Fell recorded a verdict of misadventure on 26 February.

I was dismayed to hear a number of witnesses talk in a blasé way about the use of ketamine as a ‘party’ drug. This drug is a horse tranquiliser and unfortunately the misuse of this drug has contributed to the death of Mariam.

I would strongly urge against the use of illegal drugs. If anybody does use them and suffers any adverse affect, especially and in particular with laboured breathing, they need immediate emergency medical assistance. In that situation ring 999 and ask for an ambulance. You could save a life.

Her death could have been avoided and this is a waste of a talented young life.

– Det Sgt Steve Menzies, Harrogate CID


Full Report: Conclusion of Horden Shootings inquest

A coroner has called for an overhaul of the way gun licences are granted at the conclusion of the inquest into the Horden shootings - where a taxi driver shot dead three people, as well as himself.

At the inquest in County Durham three verdicts of unlawful killing were recorded as well as one verdict of suicide.

The coroner said that the victims would not have died if more robust procedures had been in place for granting gun licences

You can watch the full report from Frances Read below.

MP calls on government to change gun license rules

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper is calling for the government to change gun license rules in the wake of the Horden shootings.

At the inquest into the shootings today the coroner called for ‘root and branch’ reform of gun licensing - a call echoed by MP Yvette Cooper.

Michael Atherton held a firearm license, despite having a history of domestic violence and previously having had his guns taken off him by police, and went on to shoot three members of the same family before turning the gun on himself.

“The Coroner’s call for ‘root and branch’ reform of gun licensing should be acted upon by the Home Secretary.

“When I met with Bobby Turnbull earlier this year to discuss his campaign after the tragedy that hit his family, it was clear there needs to tighter restrictions on gun ownership - especially if someone has a history of domestic abuse.

"Atherton should never have been given a gun.

“What the Turnbull family have had to go through is harrowing and I pay tribute to them for taking this campaign forward."

– Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary

“Men with a history of domestic violence should not be allowed to own guns. The guidance on domestic violence in the gun licensing framework is far too weak and much stronger action is needed.

"And police forces need to make sure licensing is done properly and that any complaints or intelligence over domestic violence are taken seriously - they shouldn't just wait until someone has been convicted before they withdraw a gun licence.

"No one should die in circumstances like this. To protect women's safety, gun licence rules should be changed now."

– Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary
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