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Jimmy Savile licked nurse's hand in Gateshead hospital

Savile was accompanied at all times during his visit to Bensham Hospital Credit: PA

Jimmy Savile licked a nurse's hand during a visit to a hospital in Gateshead, but the nurse did not report it to her bosses.

He also kissed the hands of other members of staff and called one ward sister 'Hattie Jaques' (a reference to the actress who starred in the Carry On films), which offended her.

The incidents happened during a charity visit to Bensham Hospital, now part of Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in March 1990.

Savile also met elderly patients, but was accompanied at all times.

Managers at the hospital have been investigating since a box was found in 2013 containing photos of the event.

They said no complaints were made at the time but the three incidents involving staff would be investigated if they happened today.

Savile inquiry: Statement from QE Gateshead

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead have said that the fresh investigations have emerged because of the fact that Jimmy Savile visited Bensham Hospital in the 1980s, and not because of any specific allegations.

We can confirm that Jimmy Savile visited Bensham Hospital (now part of QE Gateshead) in the 1980s but are unclear about the exact dates. We are carrying out a thorough investigation and are not in a position to comment further while this investigation is still on-going.

We can also add that it’s not based on any specific allegations by members of the public, but only on the fact that he visited the hospital at some point.

– QE Gateshead


Savile inquiry: Statement from Newcastle RVI

“Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust can confirm that since publication of its findings in relation to the Savile Inquiry and the Royal Victoria Infirmary a subsequent claim was made dating back to the 1990’s and whilst proving difficult to substantiate has been forwarded to Northumbria Police.”

– Royal Victoria Infirmary
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Savile NHS abuse report delayed over fresh allegations

Outstanding reports into abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals have been delayed after a fresh wave of allegations came to light.

Twelve trusts have been contacted over the new claims.

The publication of the latest report into abuse by Savile at NHS hospitals has been delayed. Credit: PA Wire

In a ministerial statement, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said trusts should be able to publish their findings in January 2015.

"At the request of the Crown Prosecution Service, the publication of the NHS investigations into Jimmy Savile is being delayed until the conclusion of ongoing legal proceedings."

Findings of investigations into Savile's activities at 28 hospitals were published in June.

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12 NHS Trusts contacted over new Savile claims

Investigations into fresh allegations of abuse by Jimmy Savile are focused on the following hospitals:

  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital
  • Birch Hill Hospital in Rochdale
  • Scott House Hospital in Rochdale
  • Bethlem Royal Hospital in London
  • Shenley Hospital in London
  • West Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • St Martin's Hospital in Canterbury
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead
  • Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Meanwood Park Hospital in Leeds
  • Calderdale Royal Hospital

Reports into the disgraced entertainer's abuse at four hospitals - Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Rampton Hospital, Springfield Hospital and Crawley Hospital - are yet to be published.


Police Commissioner releases statement over Savile

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has released a statement about the forces decision to make a voluntary referral to the IPCC over the way it handled allegations against Jimmy Savile:

"After identifying a number of issues, voluntarily referring the case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission was the right thing to do.

"I am confident that, having ordered an external peer review of North Yorkshire Police's processes, the Chief Constable has acted promptly and robustly on receiving the interim findings from that report.

"We must now wait for the IPCC to determine what happens next.

“In the meantime, on behalf of the public and victims, I want to reiterate our commitment to ensuring they receive the best possible service.

"The issues raised centre around historical allegations and internal processes.

"I am confident that the force is dealing with them and they continue to provide an excellent service to the public and victims on a daily basis.”

North Yorkshire Police IPCC referral over Savile

North Yorkshire Police voluntary referral to tIPCC over Jimmy Savile allergations Credit: Peter Jordan/PA Wire/Press Association Images

North Yorkshire Police has made a voluntary referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission over handling of historic child sex allegations against Jimmy Savile.

The referral also relates to several allegations made recently about Savile's friend, Scarborough resident Peter Jaconelli, who died in 1999.

It also relates to whether any information it held on Savile or his known associates was properly disclosed to Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary in December 2012 and again by the IPCC in May last year.

Information has already been referred by North Yorkshire Police to Operation Yewtree, the national investigation into allegations regarding Savile’s activities.

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