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Pro Corbyn supporters march through Newcastle city centre

Jeremy Corbyn supporters have marched through Newcastle City Centre in a show of support for the Labour leader.

Hundreds of people have gathered in the city centre to call upon the labour parliamentary party to accept what they Corbyn's 'democratic mandate'.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

The marched ended at Leazes Park.

Credit: ITV Tyne Tees
Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Newcastle MP: Labour CAN win the next general election

Chi Onwurah, the MP for Newcastle Central Credit: PA

Chi Onwurah, the MP for Newcastle Central, says she believes Labour can with the next general election.

She's been speaking to the Labour List website.

In an article for the Labour site she insisted that the next Labour Leader will not be chosen on personality but on policies.

Read the article here

Corbyn calls for Labour unity at Durham Miners' Gala

Jeremy Corbyn used a speech at Durham Miners' Gala today to call for unity within the Labour party, as Angela Eagle announced she would be challenging him for the leadership.

Mr Corbyn had great support at the 'Big Meeting' of trade unions and mining associations, which was staged for the 132nd time, with up to 150,000 people expected to attend.

There was controversy though - with a number of local MPs who had opposed him disinvited from the platform in Durham.

Tom Sheldrick reports:


Bishop Auckland MP 'disappointed' by Miners' Gala snub

The Labour MP for Bishop Auckland says she was 'disappointed' at not being invited to the hospitality luncheon at the Durham Miners' Gala.

The Durham Miners' Association withdrew it's invitation to local Labour MP's who do not support Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour Party leader.

Helen Goodman told ITV News the situation was "irritating" and said:

I don't think he's [Jeremy Corbyn] the best person to be the party leader.

– Helen Goodman MP

Corbyn wants Labour Party to 'come together'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he wants the party the "come together" despite the ongoing uncertainty over his leadership.

Mr Corbyn, who is attending this year's Durham Miners' Gala, has faced a major rebellion from MPs after losing a motion of confidence and scores of politicians resigning from his front bench.

The Durham Miners' Association withdrew its hospitality luncheon invitations to Labour MPs in the North East who resigned their shadow cabinet positions in protest of Mr Corbyn’s leadership.

Mr Corbyn told ITV News that some of his MPs were going through "an interesting phase in their political debate".

Corbyn welcomed by supporters at Miners' Gala

Jeremy Corbyn greets supporters at the Durham Miners' Gala Credit: ITV

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been welcomed by thousands of supporters at the 132nd annual Durham Miners' Gala.

Mr Corbyn stood on the balcony of the County Hotel as marching bands passed beneath him. The politician was seen waving to crowds and gave a thumbs up sign in a show of appreciation.

Corbyn is the first Labour leader to attend the Gala since Ed Miliband's visit in 2012.

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