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Development Director says Alcan meetins will ensure community is 'made stronger'

We are working closely with local politicians, Northumberland County Council, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, the Government and other interested parties to ensure we promote the site and all of its credentials to potential investors with credible and sustainable business plans.

Linked directly to the RED strategy is the legacy that Rio Tinto Alcan wants to leave behind. Our extensive legacy programme will ensure we leave the community stronger and more self-sustaining in the face of future challenges.

– John McCabe, Regional Economic Development Director

Public meeting at Alcan plant

A second public meeting will be held by Rio Tinto Alcan later this morning to update the public and stakeholders after the closure of the Smelter in Lynemouth.

The local community will be given details of the latest developments on the smelter's Regional Economic Development (RED) Strategy, and ongoing legacy initiatives that have been put in place to support Lynemouth and wider South East Northumberland.

Building on the success of the public meeting we held earlier this year, we have listened to valuable feedback from our neighbours and are keen to involve key stakeholders and members of the public in our ongoing RED strategy. As part of this, we are committed to providing regular updates on future plans for the site.

– John McCabe, Regional Economic Development Director,



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