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Potash decision up for discussion

A decision on whether to grant permission for a multimillion pound potash mine on the North York Moors National Park could have implications for other national parks.

York Potash hopes to place the mine in Sneaton, just outside Whitby.

However, campaigners say that the area must remain protected.

Supporters are arguing that the decision will bring 4,000 new jobs to the area and massive economic benefits.

The planning decision was due to take place last Monday but has been deferred for a third time to allow the company to assess the environmental impact.

The final decision may now not be made until next year.


Full Report: Dunston Staithes saved

A symbol of the region's mining past will be saved, thanks to grants of more than 100,000 pounds.

The Dunston Staithes in Gateshead is where coal was loaded onto ships on the River Tyne.

Since the mines closed in the 1980s, the staithes have become derelict.

The repairs will turn them into a promenade for walkers and cyclists.

You can watch the full report from Lucy Taylor below.


Miners set to party on day of Thatcher's funeral

Ex-miners will next week mark the 20 years since their pit closed, with a party in Easington in County Durham - on the day of Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

Alan Cummings, chairman of the Durham Miners' Association, said the timing of events was "remarkable" and "one of those quirks", though he added:

"She couldn't be cremated on a better day."

– Alan Cummings, chairman of the Durham Miners' Association

The party will be held on Wednesday at the Easington Colliery Club, in the former pit village, subject to the committee's approval, he said.

On Tuesday evening there will be another party for the women's groups who supported the striking miners, he said.

"We are planning to have a colliery band and we are inviting ex-miners and their families to go back over their memories of the strike and what has happened since the closure of the pit."

– Alan Cummings, chairman of the Durham Miners' Association

The pit in Easington Colliery, which was the setting for the film Billy Elliott, closed in 1993, with the loss of 1400 jobs and it is one of the most deprived parts of the country.

Mr Cummings, an ex-NUM Lodge secretary, said the event was not in poor taste and he had only received positive feedback.

"I couldn't stand her.

"She had a very patronising manner and I could have put my foot through the television whenever I saw her on there.

"We opposed and hated everything she did. She has wrecked thousands and thousands of lives so, no, it's not in poor taste.

"We can understand why people are happy and rejoicing that she has gone because they remember these communities have never recovered."

– Alan Cummings, chairman of the Durham Miners' Association

Full Report: The region reacts to the death of Margaret Thatcher

The Durham Miners' Association has made a controversial decision to throw a party next Wednesday on the day of Baroness Thatcher's funeral.

The association says that it is honouring a promise made to its members in the 1980's, when Lady Thatcher was Prime Minister.

The decision comes as the debate continues to rage over Baroness Thatcher's political career and her impact on the region's coalmining industry.

Watch the full report below.

North Yorkshire pot-ash plans submitted

Plans have been submitted for a new underground pot-ash mine beneath the North Yorkshire moors.

The development would be close to Sneaton village, near Whitby.

More than one billion tonnes of the mineral polyhalite has been found - it would then be mined and turned into pot-ash fertiliser.

If the application is approved the project could create thousands of jobs for the local area.

Plans are expected to be put to public consultation.

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