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Man steals £50 from barber after confessing he didn't have enough money to pay for haircut

A customer stole £50 in coins from a barber shop after confessing he did not have enough to pay for his haircut.

Britton Mabrouk was mid trim when he told barber Gary Scott he could not settle the bill at the shop in Green Lane, South Shields, in July.

Newcastle Crown Court heard during the argument that followed, the 22-year-old demanded his haircut was finished despite his lack of cash.

Prosecutor Paul Currer told the court: "There was an argument. The defendant was aggressive and angry with Mr Scott.

"He said he would get the money and demanded he finish the haircut. Mr Scott refused to do so. The defendant went to the back of the shop, opened a cash box and removed a bag of pound coins, around £50 worth."

At the time of the theft, Mabrouk was on bail after having a violent street confrontation with pal Stephen Wynne on June 30th.

The court heard Mabrouk was arrested later that day after he was seen disposing of a kitchen knife in bushes at the West Park. However the judge said it was accepted Mabrouk was not carrying a knife when he went to the barber shop.

Mabrouk, of Gainsborough Avene, South Shields, admitted theft, affray and having a bladed article.

Wynne, of Halstead Place, South Shields, admitted threatening with an offensive weapon and a separate charge of having a bladed article on a later date.

Both men were jailed for a total of 15 months each.


Businessman drops £1,000 in Middlesbrough street

Woman holding bank notes Credit: PA

A Middlesbrough businessman is appealing for the return of £1,000 in bank notes after dropping them in the street.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: "Police received a report of £1,000 having been dropped on Baker Street, off Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough at around 12.45pm on Friday 11 July.

"Officers would ask any witnesses or anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of the money to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Full Report: Newcastle food bank struggles with demand

A foodbank in Newcastle has been forced to bring in extra supplies from across the country after it ran out of provisions due to soaring demand.

Food and drink were sent to the Newcastle West End Foodbank from a service in Lincolnshire.

Jonny Blair has been speaking to Michael Nixon from Newcastle West End Foodbank and Kevin who uses the foodbank.

A thousand people a week visit Newcastle foodbank

A foodbank in Newcastle has been forced to bring in extra supplies from across the country because demand in the city has soared.

Food and drink has been sent from a sister organisation in Lincolnshire because the Newcastle West End Foodbank has been running out of supplies.

Volunteers say the number of people using the service has rocketed from 30 people a week to 1000.

Michael Nixon from Newcastle West End Foodbank says he thinks demand will continue to increase.

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