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Newburn: Northumberland Estates statement

Northumberland Estates has released a statement following the news that residents can now go back to their Newburn homes. The company says that the total repairs bill come to £12 million and added that they have covered this cost.

‘We are delighted that the residents are finally able to move back in to their homes after such a long time. The repairs to our section of the culvert were successfully completed last year, and it is a great relief to all concerned to have everything is back in working order. Their patience over the unavoidable length of the repair process is much to be commended, and we hope that the knowledge that this section of the culvert is now engineered to a far higher standard than ever before will be of some reassurance.'

– Northumberland Estates

'Visiting the dene today it is hard to envisage the flooding which took place during the storms of 2012 and the terrible disruption caused. Looking to the future we are currently in discussions with the residents association with a view to involving them in plans for the long term management of the dene for the benefit of both residents and the local community alike.’

– Northumberland Estates

Families can now move back to flooded Tyneside estate

The housing estate in Newburn was wrecked by floods in September 2012. Credit: ITV

Owners of properties on a Tyneside housing estate that were wrecked by floods in September 2012 are starting to move back in.

Heavy rain washed away the land and foundations under part of Spencer Court in Newburn.

The families living there had to be evacuated.

Some of the houses had to be demolished but some of the owners of houses still standing can now return.

MORE: Flats demolished in Newburn after severe flooding

  1. Katie Oakes

Full Report: More Newburn flats to be demolished

A second block of flats are being demolished on a Tyneside housing estate that was wrecked by floods in September 2012.

Heavy rain washed away the land and foundations under part of Spencer Court in Newburn.

The families living there were forced to quickly pack up their belongings and leave.

One block was demolished a month after the floods. The developers say they had no choice but to tear this one down too.

ITV Tyne Tee's Katie Oakes spoke to Geoff Woodcock, from Dunelm Homes, Derek Watt from MGL demolition and local resident Tom Caine.


Newburn residents 'already endured distress'

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council confirmed they have approved a demolition request from Dunelm Homes.

“This is obviously a very sad development for the residents of Spencer Court who have already endured a great deal of distress and inconvenience.

“We continue to work closely with Dunelm Homes to try to get the best outcomes for all of the residents and parties involved.”

– Newcastle City Council

Dunelm Homes has spent over £1.5m dealing with the aftermath of the flooding at Newburn. One demolition has already taken place.

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